May the Fourth...

I normally only post about my Crochet Critterz here, but have you seen the adorable Star Wars themed sets offered by A Crafty Cupcake?
There are several hats, including stormtroopers, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, R2D2, and Yoda.
There are also come super cute baby costume sets - Baby Ewoks and Baby Yoda.
Check the Facebook Fan Page for more pictures and details.
If the day allows, I will try to whip up a few Crochet Critterz today

May the Fourth be with you

Yay!! We're doomed!!

Okay, okay -- I know... You have been missing your Crochet Geekery... and for that I am sorry.  You know how it is, life always gets in the way. 

And yes, I realize this is not the tradition type of critter I post here... but why not expand things a little... the more geekery the better, I say!

Here is a little trip down memory lane with GIR, in his puppy costume!

You remember Gir, don't you?!  What about the Doom Song?
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